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New Release: N Bethlehem Steel 3600cu.ft. Quad Hopper with coal load

Asheville, North Carolina Tangent Scale Models is pleased to announce the availability today of new paint schemes for our N Scale Bethlehem Steel 3600 Cubic Foot Quad Hopper. These distinctive 100-ton quad hoppers match the Union Pacific specification and were built by Bethlehem Steel in the 1970s. Our UP replicas represent more than 6,900 “quad” hoppers, UP’s largest fleet of coal hoppers in company history.

The Tangent Scale Models prototype replica of the Union Pacific Bethlehem design quad hopper has never been produced in N scale, making it a distinctive addition to any freight car fleet. Our stunning N Scale Quad Hopper model is loaded with detail. We set out to produce an N Scale car that is worthy of the Tangent brand, bringing as much of our industry-leading HO Scale execution and detail as possible packed in an N Scale box.

We maintain strong emphasis on accurate reproduction of the prototype, as well as disciplined execution of each model. Finally, we design our products to be utilized in operating environments. Notable callouts for our new UP Bethlehem Steel 3600 Cubic Foot Quad Hopper include:

– Highly accurate “true to life” colors
– Exact fonts and lettering placement. Read the accurate 1” COTS boxes!
– Painted wire coupler lift bars for strength and durability
– Real rubber flexible air hoses
– Thin-profile brake piping
– See-through etched metal brake platform
– L-shaped end-sheet supports
– Interior bracing detail
– Body-mounted Draft Gear with MT-compatible couplers
– Ready-to-operate model with hidden weights
– 100-ton trucks and 36” CNC free-rolling precision metal wheels with front and back profile
– Our N Scale Bethlehem Steel Quad Hopper does not compromise details – we suggest a minimum radius of 18.75” or greater.
– A “Tangent-accurate” non-symmetrical, properly-sloped coal load
– Dimensional accuracy – scaled from prototype plans
– Car number selection process – we select car numbers from our personal photo collection, online and published sources, focusing on late era numbers to represent more than 40 years in continuous operation
– Recommended age 14 years and older
– Our models come in plastic jewel boxes!

Our April 2019 production is available in the following 7 new paint schemes, covering delivery paint and repaints through modern Helm Leasing patch possibilities. A wide selection of paint schemes and roadnumbers are available to allow customization of trains appropriate for your modeling era.

Check them out now at www.tangentscalemodels.com : You will also find a handy Tangent Scale Models visual guide available online, laying out all our UP schemes and options.

And as usual, all our offerings below feature photos on our website showing the actual model and the prototype cars!

NEW: Union Pacific “Original H-100-19” shows the classic, as-delivered “Freight Car Red” paint with large Union Pacific spelled out in white. The H-100-19 class hit UP rails in 1979. Please note these red cars include painted trucks to match the carbody color, just like UP paint practices! Available in 12 numbers!

NEW: Union Pacific “Original H-100-18” arrives in the as-delivered “All-Black” paint with yellow ends designating the rotary coupler ends. This 1979 scheme includes the large Union Pacific spelled out in white on the car side. Because these cars initially operated in unit train services, they are available in 12 numbers!

NEW: UP “1989 H-100-17 Black Repaint” replicates an example of a 1989+ era UP simplified repaint with the simplified reporting marks style lettering and a UP shield. Take a look at the accurate data and yellow rotary ends! Available in 3 accurate numbers!

NEW: UP “1997 H-100-19 Black Repaint V2” illustrates another UP repaint scheme from 1997. Notice the different reporting marks font in use for this timeframe and the addition of small white reflective delineators across the bottom of the car! Available in 2 numbers!

NEW: UP “1989 H-100-17” Black Repaint Double Rotary” is a repaint of one of the double rotary cars in the simplified 1989 era black scheme. It accurately features one yellow end, per the prototype photo. Available in 1 accurate number!
NEW: HLMX “Ex-UP H-100-17” shows a car after acquisition by Helm Financial Corporation. HLMX reporting marks started to show up on a portion of the H-100-17 fleet starting in 2007. The model features a weathered black paint job with fresh black patches and yellow conspicuity stripes. Available in 2 accurate numbers!

NEW: DT&I “Original 1976 Black” is a nod to our DT&I friends. Tangent first ran this scheme in HO back in 2012, so we wanted to give the N Scale DT&I fans the same opportunity — These USRE leased clones are very close in appearance to the UP’s own quads, and we are happy to release 6 numbers!

The Tangent Scale Models Bethlehem Steel 3600cu.ft. Quad Hoppers are shipping NOW.
See www.tangentscalemodels.com for photos and more.

Do not miss out on the Tangent Scale Models Bethlehem Steel Design Quad Hoppers, the workhorses of the Union Pacific Coal Hopper fleet. Pricing for these RTR models is $32.95.

Thank you for continuing to support Tangent Scale Models, a family-owned and operated company!

David Lehlbach