Tangent Scale Models offers high-quality CNC-machined wheels that lead the market in quality. Our wheels have “detailed” rear faces like a prototype wheel.

Click on the images or text below to learn more about our wheel offerings, such as our axle lengths.

What is the difference between “Normal Tread” and “Semi-Scale Wheels?” Normal tread wheels are the wheels that we all grew up with and started with in HO. The wheel “tread” is roughly the width of the rail that it rides on. Semi-scale wheels are for those who want to replace their current “standard tread” wheels with wheels that are more narrow in appearance. The tread itself is more narrow than a normal tread wheel. Semi-scale wheels operate well over most modern track produced in the last 25 or so years, so don’t be afraid to upgrade the appearance of your equipment – especially those cars where the wheels are very visible, such as on modern covered hoppers and tank cars! If you are in doubt, we recommend a 12-pack first!

All of the wheels from Tangent Scale Models are CNC-machined brass wheelsets that operate flawlessly. They have a darkened appearance to make them look better, and these are the standard wheels underneath all of our RTR products.

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