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April 2024 Release: General American 1928-Design 6000 Gallon 3-Compartment Tank Car

Tangent Scale Models is pleased to announce our fifth release for 2024, the General American 1928-Design 6000 Gallon 3-Compartment Tank Car. This was the first General American tank car product in our line of “family-appearance” cars that introduce market-leading design and tooling practices, geared toward consumers who desire the most accurate models with a “family-appearance” between prototypes manufactured by the same builder.

General American produced the 6000 Gallon 3-Compartment tank car on the “Type 30” riveted underframe from 1928 to 1942 at General American’s Sharon PA factory. While General American constructed many different tank designs, this 6,000 Gallon, 3-Compartment car was a memorable design that was leased by multiple shippers. The 3-Compartment design allowed consignees to receive up to three different grades of products, such as oils or chemicals. This was important in manufacturing facilities for example, where multiple lubricating oil types could be received in smaller quantities, but within one car. Chemical shippers also gravitated to these cars to ship different products to a common receiver. Additionally, some shippers utilized “split waybills” so that 1-2 compartments of the car could be unloaded at one customer, and the balance 1-2 compartments could be unloaded at a second customer located at a different location, usually in a different city or town.

The Tangent Scale Models General American 1928-Design 6000 Gallon 3-Compartment Tank Car is a visually distinctive model that includes different brake hardware accurate for each paint scheme. Also, note our “true-to-life” colors and “hyper-accurate” lettering including exact fonts and lettering placement. Finally, our scale replicas operate as well as they look, equipped with free-rolling all-metal wheels inside our Tangent 50-ton ASF Cast Steel “Spring Plank” truck and Kadee® scale couplers. Our models are truly ready to run.

Our April 2024 introductory production of our General American 1928-Design 6000 Gallon 3-Compartment Tank Car includes a large grouping of paint schemes:
• FIVE previously-offered paint schemes, with new numbers, as requested by you, our customers!
• SIX all-new RTR paint schemes to bring variety to your collection
• TWO Undecorated options – one kit and one RTR for your custom roads, decal projects, or kitbashes

Check them out now at www.tangentscalemodels.com

And as usual, all our offerings below feature photos on our website showing the actual model and the prototype cars! Here are our schemes:

– GATX Celanese Green 1959+, painted by Sharon PA GATC in 1959. These sharp green cars with red and white graphics were assigned to chemical service for Celanese. All of the tank body rivets really stand out on this scheme, and the Tangent Scale Models green replica is available in two NEW road numbers for 2024. SKU 11510

– STCX (Standard Tank Car Company) “Black Lease” 1930+ shows an as-delivered lease scheme from May 1930. General American purchased Standard Tank Car Company when it went bankrupt in 1928, and General American retained the STCX reporting mark for lease fleet cars. Our STCX model is a general service lease car that is applicable across North America in the 1930s and early 1940s, and is available in one road number that has never before been available. SKU 11513

– GATX Black Lease 1941+ shows a “plain black” lease car, painted by General American in 1941. Plain and simple, this scheme is repeatedly requested by our customers. The small data stands out on a GATX car like this, with each dome receiving individual compartment gallonage data. It is available in two new road numbers for 2024. SKU 11515

– HHCX Champlin Refining Company 1952+ represents a 1952 repainted car in the striking white scheme, with Enid OK proudly painted on the tank body. These cars were repainted into a very attractive black and white paint scheme, with sharp dark blue and black lettering and a distinctive red and white logo. This very attractive car is available in two all-new road numbers for 2024. SKU 11516

– MPCX Magnolia Petroleum Company Delivery Silver and Black 1935 represents another as-delivered car from General American. MPCX are the registered reporting marks for Magnolia Petroleum Company. These 3-Compartment cars were delivered in the bright “original black and silver 1935” scheme. Magnolia purchased a series of these cars from General American’s Sharon PA plant in 1935. Check out the individual (and accurate) compartment and expansion dome data on each of the three domes. The black handrails, grab irons and walkways really stand out against the silver tank. These eye-catching cars are available in two all-new road numbers for 2024. SKU 11517

– COSX Mid-Continent D-X Tulsa 1939+ duplicates a repainted Cosden car with the large “D-X” lettering that was common for these cars during their 1930s/40s repaints. This black car has other white stenciling including Mid-Continent Petroleum Corp Tulsa OKLA. These cars had a somewhat unusual arrangement where the gallonage for each of the three compartments was stenciled on the “end” of each of the three domes. Neat feature! These cars are sure to sell quickly – don’t miss out on the two numbers we are offering! SKU 11522

– GATX Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical 1952+ shows a colorful repaint for a Pittsburgh-based shipper. Located on Neville Island, an island located on the Ohio River West of Pittsburgh, PA, Pittsburgh Coke and Chemical produced coal-based granular activated carbon for use in military protection masks and water treatment purposes. These cars had tanks that were painted silver with black bottoms, but the kicker was the stenciling color – which was red to match the company standard. These models are sharp… and available with your choice of two numbers. SKU 11523

– GATX Silver Lease 1958+ represents another repainted car, this time a “plain lease” car in silver. It is lettered in the 1950s style GATX lettering, and by this era, the stripes are no longer applied above and below the reporting marks. While a “plain” scheme, you can look closely and spot the reporting marks on the frame as well as the safety valve testing data on the tank. These simple cars are always popular so don’t miss out! This scheme is available with your choice of three road numbers. SKU 11524

– GRYX John H Grace Black Lease 1968+ is the first offering of two in this run that are targeted to the late 1960s and 1970s modeler. These cars were leased by John H Grace and were stenciled in 1968. They include ACI labels which of course are appropriate for the era. This car is available in one road number. SKU 11525

– HPCX Hercules Powder Company Black Lease 1970+ is another cool car for the 1970s modeler. These cars were leased to Hercules Powder Company but did not receive the Hercules logo. They did, however, receive the same gold lettering standard on their other leased tank cars. Check out that accurate ACI label on the side of the tank! If you look closely at the underframe lettering, you can spot this well-traveled tank car’s ATSF Los Angeles Repack data as well as the T&P Fort Worth, TX IDT markings. These cars are available in two road numbers. SKU 11526

– MOBX Mobil Oil Company Black Lease 1960+ replicates a Mobil Oil Company restenciled tank car from 1960. This car features compartment gallonage data on each end of the tank, accurate for this scheme and era. These cars are available in two road numbers. SKU 11527

We also have TWO undecorated options available, continuing our dedication to modelers. We know that sometimes you just want to build and paint your own car. We are modelers too, and we understand the need to continue to offer undecorated products.

– Undecorated KIT provides an unpainted KIT, ready for assembly and painting. This kit includes the parts necessary to build up a kit – or use the parts as a basis for kitbashing. This model comes with all three brakewheel options. Instructions for the kit are available 24-7 on our website. You supply your own favorite couplers. SKU 11500

– Undecorated RTR provides a black painted fully assembled model, including Kadee couplers, which is ready for decaling. SKU 11505

The Tangent Scale Models General American 1928-Design 6000 Gallon 3-Compartment Tank Cars are shipping NOW. See our website for photos and more.

Features for our General American 1928-Design 6000 Gallon 3-Compartment Tank Car replicas include:

• Dimensional accuracy – designed from General American plans
• Highly correct “true to life” colors
• “Hyper-Accurate” lettering including exact fonts and lettering placement
• Multiple road numbers for each scheme where appropriate
• Fully riveted body
• Fully riveted underframe
• Separately applied tank handrail
• Separately applied tank strap detail
• Heater line and outlet drain details, including correct side profile between tank and underframe when viewing the car from the side
• Full AB brake detail and air line
• Dimensionally-correct hazardous and route placards
• “Near-scale” draft gear box with side detail
• Road-specific brakewheels for each scheme
• Wire grab irons and coupler lift bars
• Separate air hoses
• High-quality Tangent Scale Models 50-Ton ASF cast steel truck with spring plank
• CNC-machined 33” wheels with accurate front and back profile detail
• Replacement semi-scale wheels available separately from Tangent
• Genuine Kadee® scale “scale-head” couplers
• Recommended age 14 years and older

Do not miss out on the Tangent Scale Models General American 1928-Design 6000 Gallon 3-Compartment Tank Car, a distinctive prototype model unlike anything else on the market. Pricing for these RTR models is $48.95.