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Tangent Scale Models has been producing and selling our own, original, Ready-to-Run HO replicas since 2007. While we may be short on tenure we are certainly not short on quality. Tangent is owned and operated by modelers like you who know what high-quality products should look like, and demand near-perfection in our execution. This means high-detail accuracy, high lettering quality, accurate colors, as well as roadname-specific details where appropriate. And our models are meant to be run, with NMRA conformance weighting, CNC-machined wheelsets, and real Kadee® scale couplers as a company standard.

Here is what our customers are saying about Tangent Scale Models:

Just a quick note to pass along that I think your website, on-line ordering procedure and follow-up email communication process is one of the best in the business! Jerry B, NC

My order of ICC Cabooses arrived the other day, and I have had a chance to examine each model. Even though I got a good look at the models at the Train Show, I was still stunned when I opened the box. Absolutely stunning, and a bargain relative to the price. You have a big winner on your hands. Thank you also for making code 88 wheel sets available at the same time as the models. Ted S, MA

Having just seen these Chessie cabooses (and purchased the 1973+ version 🙂 this morning at the Amherst Railway Society Big Railroad Hobby Show in West Springfield MA all I can say is WOW. Run, don’t walk, these are just incredible and worth every penny. Well done to (the Tangent) team. Jim H, NY

“I recently received two 10K gal. tank cars (“Hercules Powder” and “Sinclair”). These are indeed stunning models following in the tradition of the other tankers you have produced. I’ll look forward to other new issues of rolling stock.” Wayne R, CA

“You have enforced my belief even more why Tangent is my No.1 choice in freight cars.” Geoff K, Australia

“Your customer service is amazing! Keep up the good work. I love your products and will be buying more in the near future.” Mike W, WI

“I think your products are an incredible piece of art recreating history ………..keep it up!” Mike M, Canada

“You guys make the best cars bar-none! ?” Dwight H, AZ

“I purchased two G43 series gons from your website after reading about them in Model Railroader. They are strikingly detailed and very well done. In my 50 plus years in the hobby I haven’t seen better models than these. Add me to your list of faithful customers. And thanks.” Peter G, NY

“Just received the cars, both in good order and packed well. Good grief the G43 is a gorgeous model. I do like your products, they are worth every penny, especially when compared to your competition. “ Gary W, PA

“The most beautiful models I’ve ever seen in my life…” Tim F, CA

“I just purchased one of your new 6000 gallon GATX three dome tanks. I have to say that this is probably the most stunning HO Scale tank to have ever been produced. The detail, the paint work and lettering are superb and for its size it is perfectly weighted and rolls well. I have ordered more.” Eric P, Canada

“TSM is addictive.  Your products should come with a warning label!” Ted S, MA

“I just got my order today, and… the car is FLAWLESS – easily the best HO scale flat car I’ve ever seen. Detail is superb, and well done!”  Paul T, NJ

“I got the car yesterday, thanks so much for sending it right out. I appreciate that kind of service!…. The car itself is absolutely amazing. (Brand XYZ) has long been my favorite for covered hoppers, but this beats those out hands down and is worth every penny of the extra cost. The weight of the car and the sheer detailing are un-matched in anything but a brass model. Ya’ll made a great car, and I look forward to seeing more models!” Jered S, NY

“My gons came yesterday…all I can say is WOW. Almost makes me want to switch to the modern era so I could partake of some of your other stuff LOL!” Rick S

“Holding these (UP Bethlehem-design Hopper) models in my hand was fantastic and the subtle differences in the detail on the draft gear (Coupler Pocket lids) between the Red (Non Rotary) and Black/Yellow Ends (Rotary) version is fantastic.” James K, CA

“I bit the bullet and decided to buy the 12 pack of these cars. I have to admit I swallowed hard because these aren’t inexpensive cars… Well, they arrived today. I have to admit I was wowed by them. The color looks good and the lettering is sharp and clean. They come with Kadee scale couplers and clean one-piece molded truck frames with metal wheelsets. These babies make the (Brand XYZ’s) look crude…. these are just FINE models. If you are debating them because of the price, I can tell you I don’t think you’ll be sorry. I’m certainly not!” Dan S, MT

“…just wanted to let you know the cars got here, and they are even more impressive in person than the photos let on.”  Chris J, NE

“I just wanted to let you know that I received my order… and I must say I am very impressed with the quality of these great looking cars! I am quite fussy about the types of models that I buy and your new hoppers are definitely some of the best I have seen. Congratulations on a very impressive model and I am already planning to purchase a few more in the near future. I look forward to seeing anything new that you might be working on.” Mark W, UT

“I just wanted to tell you guys that your hoppers are simply INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!! The BEST!!!!!!!!!… I found everything attached, straight, and in perfect order when I got my 10 cars today…. You have my business.” Tom J, IN

“I received your car today. Wow. When I look at the end of the car I can picture myself riding the point protecting a shove. It is like the real thing shrunk down to HO scale for sure. Gotta be a best first effort by any manufacturer. Packaging is perfect. Paint and lettering top notch. On a scale of 1 to 10 this an 11. Worth the asking price. First model I have bought in 3 years and glad I did.” Jeff L, IL

“For the covered hopper fans out there. I bought a Tangent Scale Models Pullman Standard PS-2CD 4740cc kit just to have a fun build. I believe there are 120 parts in this kit composed of styrene and metal. The grabs are prebent brass and the running boards were stainless steel etchings. It practically builds itself.” Rob M, IL

Here is what industry magazines are saying about Tangent Scale Models:

Railroad Model Craftsman, February 2018, in reference to our PC PRR-Shops X58 Class Boxcar: “The overall quality of fit and finish displayed by RMC’s Penn Central sample was outstanding and void of any paint anomalies or lettering errors. The same goes for operation… For a suggested retail price of $44.95 each, there is much to take in with these beautiful X58 class Tangent Scale Models replicas. Body details, construction variations, era-specific modifications, performance, and a host of paint schemes/road numbers may be further investigated via the manufacturer’s website.” — David Otte, Associate Editor.

Model Railroader, January 2015, in reference to our General American Dry-Flo covered hoppers: “This is the first time the Dry-Flo hopper has been offered as an HO scale plastic model, and Tangent has set the bar high. Accurate proportions plus superb detail equal an excellent covered hopper for anyone modeling the late 1950s through the mid-1990s.” — Cody Grivno, Associate Editor.

Model Railroad News, October 2013, in reference to our PS4740 and PS4750 covered hoppers: “These models are among the best examples of ready-to-run freight cars ever offered in model railroading. Company owner David Lehlbach is a stickler for detail and prototype information. This attention and focus is noticeable in the quality and variation presented in Tangent Scale Models’ releases. At the recent St. Louis RPM, I attended David’s presentation surveying Pullman-Standard’s hopper output and models produced over the years. One of the things I came away with was the level of knowledge Lehlbach possesses and the time invested in this area of railroading. If the final category on “Jeopardy” is ever “Pullman-Standard hoppers,” the other two contestants may put down their pens and go home should David Lehlbach be part of the competition.” – – Tony Cook, Editor.

Model Railroader, December 2012, in reference to our PS 4750cc covered hopper: “Tangent Scale Models has hit another home run with this car. The PS-2CD 4,750-cubic-foot-capacity covered hopper has taken prototype fidelity to a new level.”

Model Railroad News, November 2012, in reference to our PS 4750cc covered hopper: “This latest release follows the same level of high quality enjoyed by past Tangent outings in the hobby. When you say “Fine” or “scale” in reference to grab irons, piping, and other details, the definition may take on new meaning with a Tangent model.”

Model Railroader, December 2010, in reference to our Bethlehem coal hopper: “I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail on these cars.”

Model Railroad News, March 2010, in reference to our ACF gondola model: “The paintwork is excellent. The car color is dull in finish, replicating the oxidation of paint after sitting in the weather for awhile. Lettering is crisp and accurate, and the interior flooring is made of boards painted gray, looking pristine as they came from the factory. Quick! Get the weathering chalks!”

Model Railroad News, June 2008, in reference to our PS 4000cc covered hopper: “These models are an extraordinary example of the prototype, good-looking and packed full of intricate details. Tangent Scale Models… may be a new company in the HO scale rolling stock market, but they do not act like rookies. These products are in a class of their own and are a good example of you get what you pay for…. it would appear this new kid on the block is serious and bears watching.”