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Searching for specific HO scale models is easy.  This page has TWO different search options on it.

OPTION 1:  Here is where you can enter your specific modeling year and we will return the products that are appropriate for your era! You do NOT have to enter a car type (but can if you want to) – let Tangent do the matching for you!  All you need to do is click on “THIS YEAR” below, noted in gray.  Then scroll down to select you modeling year of choice and then click “Find ‘Em!” and Tangent will match cars that match your modeling year!

Reset I am looking for THIS KIND of CAR that was modelled for the year THIS YEAR Find 'Em!


OPTION 2:  You can also do a word matching search using the open field below.  Simply start typing and results will start to appear.  The more you type, the finer the results.

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