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New Model: General American 1952-Design 8000 Gallon Welded General Service Tank Car

Live from the Western Prototype Modelers Meet in San Bernardino, California: Tangent Scale Models is proud to introduce our latest all-new freight car replica: The HO Scale General American 1952-Design 8000 Gallon Welded General Service Tank Car! This all new model is the sixth all-new General American built product in our ever-expanding tank car line. Our model exhibits market-leading design and tooling practices, geared toward consumers who desire the most accurate models with a “family-appearance” between prototype railcars manufactured by the same builder.

During the 1950s, General American Transportation Company (GATC) tank car production was in full swing utilizing the company’s “all-welded” tank car designs, produced at the company’s Sharon PA plant. In 1952, GATC began production of general service, non-insulated tank cars with safety platforms installed around the dome. Many of these were painted in billboard schemes during this era, reflecting lessees for various liquid materials shippers. These tank cars remained in service into the 1990s and during their service life were utilized for a variety of services including corn syrup, caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), fatty acid, molasses, sodium chlorate, vinegar, and fuel oil and other petroleum products, carbon disulfide, etc. The “smooth” appearance of these common tanks with the safety platform makes them look very “modern,” and their design is similar to tank cars produced today.

The Tangent Scale Models General American 1952-Design 8,000 Gallon Welded General Service Tank Car is a stunning model that looks like no other car available in HO scale today. Our replica includes a beautifully-rendered safety walkway and safety platform. Our models include distinctive details matched to each paint scheme, such as tank straps, inlet and safety valve details on the tank dome, outlet pipes underneath the car, and heater pipe details. Also, note our correct “true-to-life” colors and “hyper-accurate” lettering including exact fonts and lettering placement. Finally, our scale replicas operate as well as they look, equipped with free-rolling all-metal wheels, NMRA-conforming weight, and Kadee® scale couplers, meaning our models are truly ready to run.

Our April 2019 production of GATC 1952-Design 8,000 Gallon Welded General Service Tank Cars includes THREE RTR paint schemes. Check them out now at www.tangentscalemodels.com

As usual, all our offerings below feature photos on our website showing the actual production models and the prototype cars! Here are our schemes:

GATX Diamond Chemicals 1959+ leads off in a lessee bright white and black paint scheme with the classic Diamond Alkali Company graphics including the red diamond, and location lettering demonstrating the company’s Cleveland, Ohio roots. Check out this model’s stunning black ladders, walkway frame, and walkway handrails which contrast against the white carbody. This sharp car is available in 4 numbers.

GATX DOW “Pittsburg CA 1964+” shows off classic black paint and yellow “Leased to the Dow Chemical Co.” DOW diamond graphics. This replica is lettered for the Western Division in Pittsburg, California, however the car’s stenciling also calls out the Midland, MI headquarters as well. This stunning car, likely assigned to caustic soda service, is available in 4 numbers and screams 1960s/1970s tank car lettering.

UCLX Vulcan Materials 1966+ gives modelers an example of a patched tank car scheme from 1966+. This car was previously lettered for “Frontier Chemical” but that lettering has been patched over by the corporate parent, Union Chemicals (UCLX) with fresh black paint. This scheme is available in 2 numbers.

The Tangent Scale Models General American 1952-Design 8,000 Gallon Welded General Service Tank Cars are shipping NOW. See https://www.tangentscalemodels.com/ for photos and more.

Features for our GATC 1952-Design 8,000 Gallon Welded General Service Tank Car replicas include:

– Dimensional accuracy
– Highly correct “true to life” colors
– “Hyper-Accurate” lettering including exact fonts and lettering placement
– “See-through” running board wraps around the underframe
– “See-through” dome platform with exquisite handrail detail
– Two dome handrail saddle variations
– Multiple dome cap / top appliance variations
– Multiple bottom outlet variations
– Dimensionally-correct hazardous placards with accurate hole detail
– Separately applied tank handrail
– Separately applied tank strap detail
– Durable wire grab irons and coupler lift bars
– Separate air hoses
– “Near-scale” draft gear box with side detail
– Genuine Kadee® “scale-head” couplers
– CNC-machined 33” wheels in high-quality Tangent Scale Models ASF cast steel truck with spring plank and with separate brake beams
– NMRA-conforming weight
– Replacement semi-scale wheels available separately from Tangent
– Multiple road numbers for each scheme – these cars often traveled in “groups” of more than one
– Recommended age 14 years and older

Do not miss out on the Tangent Scale Models GATC 1952-Design Gallon Welded General Service Tank Cars. Pricing for these RTR models is $44.95.

Thank you for continuing to support Tangent Scale Models, a family-owned and operated company!

David Lehlbach
Tangent Scale Models
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