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PRR Samuel Rea Shops G41A Coil Steel Gondola (HO)

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As hot rolled coil steel production accelerated during the 1960s, the railroads needed to provide railcars to secure outbound loads of this “hot” commodity. PRR’s Samuel Rea shops answered the market call with a customized railcar: PRR introduced the G41 coil steel gondola in 1965 but quickly made modifications to the design, and produced the G41A from 1966 to 1968. The G41A was a gondola design with 6 transverse troughs of varying sizes, designed to handle different loading combinations and coil roll diameters. G41As initially included specialized coil hoods that protected the loads. The G41A fleet saw modifications from Conrail in the 1990s, notably the removal of walkway supports and hood alignment guides. In 2000, NS heavily rebuilt these cars from 6 to 5 internal troughs to accommodate larger diameter coils common for the era.

The Tangent Scale Models PRR Samuel Rea Shops G41A Coil Steel Gondola accurately replicates the prototype’s distinctive 39’ body and extended draft gear. We have tooled three specific build variations: PRR delivery with removable coil hoods, Conrail 1990s modifications, and NS (post-Conrail) 2000 rebuilds. These cars come with incredible detailing including crossover platform and power brake variations, coupler lift bar variations, wire brake piping, separate metal stirrup steps, durable wire grab irons, and “near-scale” draft gear. We include coil hoods where era-appropriate. These cars come standard with HO scale’s most accurate colors and car stenciling, and ride on one of two all-new 125-Ton ASF Gould Foundry Roller Bearing trucks: with or without the PC-era coil damper detail (both with 38” wheels). Finally, our replicas are weighted properly and are equipped with Kadee® couplers which means they operate as good as they look.

But wait, there’s more: Tangent is also expanding its popular Banded Coil Steel line with FOUR All-New offerings to meet the needs of accurate G41A modelers!

Tangent Scale Models steel coil rolls are the same quality as our new G41A gondolas. The coil rolls are painted a galvanized color, with accurately sized and painted black banding. Gondolas carrying steel coil rolls are eye-catching loads on real freight trains, and they are found on mainlines across all of North America, transporting steel to a variety of customers supporting different industries. Hot rolled steel coil rolls typically sit inside of gondolas, making for eye-catching loads in freight trains. Coil rolls come in a variety of sizes, and their dimensional variations include coil roll width and coil roll diameter.

Our August 2022 production includes a significant investment from Tangent to let you model these cars and their loads accurately!

• Five total G41A RTR livery schemes including accurate PRR/PC/CR 6 trough bodies and NS 5 trough body
• Three Undecorated kit options
• Three Extra Hood Packs
• Four new Banded Steel Coil Roll packs
• Separately available 125-Ton Trucks and 38” Wheel options

– PRR “G41A Delivery 1966” w/Hoods shows off the classic, as-delivered PRR Freight Car Red with those distinctive 1960s PRR Keystone logos on the hoods. PRR lettering is something that we like to get right, so feel free to pause and read all of those little lettering elements. We have duplicated the prototype’s yellow paint masking for the hood guides and hood stacking brackets. These cars have such a distinctive look, from their rounded hoods to the extended cushioned draft gear and 125-Ton Trucks. Speaking of those hoods: Yes, they are removeable. Yes, they are stackable. Yes, you can even purchase extras! And since those hoods are removeable, we took extra care to paint the interior troughs and apply appropriate loading badges, trough data and centerline striping. Underneath the PRR G41A, you will find an accurate Hydroframe-60 Center-of-Car Cushioning system with Truck mounted brake hardware. The release rod even passes through the side of the car, just as you expect it to. The PRR G41A rides on Tangent’s new 125-Ton trucks with Truck mounted brake beam details and 38” wheels with rotating Timken bearings. We are proud to release this scheme in 12 different numbers! SKUs -01 through -05 were built in 1-1966, and SKUs -06 through -12 were built in 2-1966.

– PC “G41A Repaint 1973” w/Hoods gives modelers a taste of the 1970s PC. This scheme models ex-PRR G41As that have been fully repainted in Penn Central. Tangent’s PC Green is carefully matched and includes era appropriate lettering details for 1973 repaints: distinctive PC-style narrow single panel COTS, plate-mounted ACI label, paint date stencil and number-specific trust data showing the previous PRR car number. Take off those hoods – no problem! Inside you will find accurate green troughs and data. Underneath we have applied proper Center-of-Car cushioning and Truck mounted brake details. These PC replicas also feature a second version of Tangent’s All-New 125-Ton trucks. If you look closely, you will notice one of the springs in the center package has been replaced with a coil damper. This is a neat detail we have replicated for the PC cars. To finish it off, those big 38” wheels have rotating Timken bearing caps. It’s time to haul some steel: This car is available in 12 road numbers.

– CR “G41A Repaint 1976” w/Hoods illustrates an early CR repaint. Check out the “thinner” style CR logos, PC/CR style data stencils, and era appropriate ACI and PC/CR style double COTS. The early CR cars maintained their hoods for protection of the coil shipments. If you want to model the car later in their service lives, don’t panic: The hoods are removeable. The interior troughs have all of that loading and identification data, too. The ends feature the original shorter style coupler lift bar brackets and Morton style crossover platforms. The 125-Ton trucks feature rotating Timken caps, 38” wheels and accurate brake beams with truck mounted brake details. This car is available in 12 road numbers.

– CR “G41A Repaint 1997” offers a late CR example where the G41A body has changed. Gone are the hoods, side walkways, and side hood guides. Additional drop grab irons were added to the sides at the stirrup steps, and the bottom grabs on the ends were also changed to drop style. The ends feature a long-style coupler lift bar bracket, shining even more light on the extended flaring draft gear. An Ajax brake housing and Morton crossover step finish off the end details. The 125-Ton trucks have accurate 38” wheels installed with rotating Timken caps. If you look closely at the CR data, you can spot the CR Hollidaysburg paint stencil! This CR replica is available in 6 numbers.

Click here for a prototype photo of one of these cars in fresh paint, posted to the Conrail Historical Society website!

– NS “GP67 Repaint 2005+” is an exciting release for us. NS rebuilt some of their G41A cars around 2000 and placed them in the GP67 class. These rebuilds were changed from 6 troughs to 5 troughs to accommodate larger diameter coils. This major change, along with yellow trough bracing, makes these cars really stand out in the crowd. The Tangent offering picks up in 2005+, where the NS cars have received their conspicuity stripes. The troughs received not-so-subtle wide white stripes down the centerline of the car to assist loading. If you read the data carefully, you will find accurate 50 Year Life Extension stenciling and painted diamonds labeling the cars for “HOT” steel coil service. The 125-Ton trucks feature NS reporting mark and car numbers along with 38” wheels and rotating Timken caps. These “HOT” cars for the “modern” era are available in 12 numbers.

– -Undecorated KIT PRR/PC/CR Body With Hoods
– -Undecorated KIT CR Body Without Hoods
– -Undecorated KIT NS Rebuilt Body Without Hoods
These undecorated kits provide modelers with CHOICE. Sometimes you want to model your own combination of details, options, and paint. Tangent understands – this is a hobby that includes builders. Our three kits include the appropriate body and part options to build your own masterpiece. The kits also include our 125-Ton trucks and 38” standard tread wheels with rotating Timken roller bearing caps. You supply your own favorite couplers.

– -PRR Hoods 2-Pack “V1 Logo”
– -PC Hoods 2-Pack “V2 Logo” (Different logo style from PC “G41A Repaint 1973” RTR car)
– -CR Hoods 2-Pack “V2 Logo” (Different logo style from CR “G41A Repaint 1976” RTR car)
The PRR built removable coil hoods (covers) for the Samuel Rea Shops G41A gondolas to protect the steel loads from moisture and from damage to the steel. These coil hoods were painted and included a stenciled railroad logo. Starting during the PC era, the G41A hoods received a variety of repaints where there was mixing and matching of PRR/PC (and later CR) hoods in the 1970s. It is for this reason that Tangent offers these RTR painted and lettered hoods as separate parts to fit the Tangent G41A model. We offer two different PC and CR paint schemes in the hood packs so you can replicate that prototypical variety found in the prototypes. Each of these Hood 2-Packs contain a pair RTR assembled, painted and lettered Hoods. Fun fact: the Tangent hoods are “stackable” just like the prototypes!

– -Banded Steel Coils 8-Pack (54″ x 36″)
– -Banded Steel Coils 8-Pack (62″ x 36″)
– -Banded Steel Coils 8-Pack (72″ x 48″)
– -Banded Steel Coils 8-Pack (72″ x 60″)
We are very pleased to expand our coil selections by giving you more size choices, which provide eye-pleasing variety for the G41A coil gondolas (and your Tangent G43 Gondolas)! Each pack contains eight painted and assembled coils, ready for loading. Each of the four styles is very distinctive in appearance: Compare the diameters and widths!

We are offering our new 125-Ton trucks in 2 sideframe configurations and 3 wheel options for each:
– -125T ASF Roller Bearing Trucks with 38” standard tread .110 blackened wheels
– -125T ASF Roller Bearing Trucks with 38” semi-scale blackened wheels
– -125T ASF Roller Bearing Trucks with 38” semi-scale nickel plated wheels
– -125T ASF Roller Bearing Trucks Coil Damper with 38” standard tread .110 blackened wheels
– -125T ASF Roller Bearing Trucks Coil Damper with 38” semi-scale blackened wheels
– -125T ASF Roller Bearing Trucks Coil Damper with 38” semi-scale nickel plated wheels

And of course, our new 38” wheels are available separately in semi-scale width for those who want to change to a narrow appearance on their models:
– -38” Rotating Cap semi-scale blackened wheels 12 pack
– -38” Rotating Cap semi-scale blackened 100 pack
– -38“ Rotating Cap semi-scale nickel plated wheels 12 pack
– -38” Rotating Cap semi-scale nickel plated 100 pack

These products are shipping today! A quick synopsis of our era and railroad-specific detail variations include:
• Dimensional accuracy – designed from actual PRR G41A blueprints
• Highly correct “true to life” colors
• “Hyper-Accurate” lettering including exact fonts and lettering placement
• Genuine Kadee® scale couplers
• “Near-scale” draft gear box with beautifully-rendered Cushion Draft gear “flare” detail
• “See through” crossover platforms
• Precision Stanray ends and roof matching these prototypes
• Center-of-Car Cushion underframe layout and design
• Road-specific details for each scheme including 3 different trough bodies, brakewheel housing options, coupler lift bar bracket options, 2 different crossover platform combinations.
• Beautiful details – wire grab irons and highly detailed coupler lift bars – no “molded in” plastic grab irons here!
• Durable rubber air hoses
• Strong metal stirrup steps.
• Our precision Tangent Scale Models 125-ton ASF trucks with rotating bearing caps and separate brake beam part
• CNC-machined 38” wheels
• Weighted over the NMRA-recommended weight so they can operate well when empty
• Multiple road numbers for each scheme
• Multiple accurate coil size options available separately for prototype load modeling
• Recommended age 14 years and older

Don’t miss out on the Tangent Scale Models PRR Samuel Rea Shops G41A Coil Steel Gondola, one of the most memorable PRR freight car designs!

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