Banded Steel Coils 8-Pack – Painted and Assembled


-Banded Steel Coils 8-Pack (54″ x 36″) (SKU 1400)
-Banded Steel Coils 8-Pack (62″ x 36″) (SKU 1401)
-Banded Steel Coils 8-Pack (68″ x 60″) (SKU 205)
-Banded Steel Coils 8-Pack (72″ x 48″) (SKU 1402)
-Banded Steel Coils 8-Pack (72″ x 60″) (SKU 1403)

We are very pleased to expand our coil selections by giving you more size choices, which provide eye-pleasing variety for the G41A coil gondolas (and your Tangent G43-series gondolas)!

These coils are fully assembled and painted in the proper raw sheet steel metal color with beautifully-rendered black steel banding.

Once slab steel has been flat-rolled and coiled by a rolling mill, the steel coils can be easily transported and without damage to customers, either covered or uncovered. Our coil parts continue our tradition of heavy-hitting accuracy, representing perhaps the most common steel coil sizes seen on the rails – and trucks – during the past 20+ years.

Steel coils are a commonly seen commodity on railcars, especially for post-1980 era modelers.

Finally, you can use these with other manufacturer’s cars as well as with your steel mill scenes. And don’t forget scenes that include the sheet steel receivers! Our box of 8 gorgeous steel coils are fully painted, assembled, and ready for your layout and are not cast unpainted “parts.”

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SKU: 1400
Sizes: #54" x 36"

SKU: 1401
Sizes: #62" x 36"

SKU: 205-000
Sizes: #68" x 60"

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SKU: 1402
Sizes: #72" x 48"

SKU: 1403
Sizes: #72" x 60"

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