OS2R COSX “Cosden & Co. Tulsa OK” 1929+ GA 6,000 Gal 3-Compartment Tank


  • Product: GATC 1928-Design 6,000 Gallon 3-Compartment Tank Car
  • Scale: O Scale 2-Rail 1:48
  • Truck: Tangent fully-sprung 50-Ton “spring-plank” truck
  • Wheels: Beautifully-painted 33” free-rolling wheels with internal hidden ball-bearings and accurate front and rear face profile with exposed “shiny” tread
  • Coupler: Kadee® #740 O Scale Type E

COSX “Cosden & Co. Tulsa OK” 1929+ shows off some billboard lettering. Cosden & Company (Mid-Continent Petroleum Company) ordered these cars in the striking “black lease 1929+” scheme with “Cosden & Company Petroleum Products, Tulsa, Okla” stenciled on the side of the car. This scheme represents tank cars that were in service beginning in 1929. We are offering this scheme in three road numbers! (SKU OS2R-11518 for O scale 2-Rail and SKU P48-11518 for Proto-48)

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SKU: OS2R-11518-01
Numbers: #928

SKU: OS2R-11518-02
Numbers: #929

SKU: OS2R-11518-03
Numbers: #931

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Weight 8 lbs
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#928, #929, #931