OS2R GATX “Black Lease” 1958+ GA 6,000 Gal 3-Compartment Tank


  • Product: GATC 1928-Design 6,000 Gallon 3-Compartment Tank Car
  • Scale: O Scale 2-Rail 1:48
  • Truck: Tangent fully-sprung 50-Ton “spring-plank” truck
  • Wheels: Beautifully-painted 33” free-rolling wheels with internal hidden ball-bearings and accurate front and rear face profile with exposed “shiny” tread
  • Coupler: Kadee® #740 O Scale Type E

GATX “Black Lease” 1958+ represents GATX (General American Transportation) lease cars that were painted and stenciled in the striking “black lease 1958+” scheme with a 2-58 paint date on the side of the car. This GATX black lease scheme represents a car that was in service between 1958 and approximately 1968, and is suitable for modelers of literally any prototype! We are offering this scheme in three road numbers! (SKU OS2R-11511 for O scale 2-Rail and SKU P48-11511 for Proto-48)

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SKU: OS2R-11511-01
Numbers: #52438

SKU: OS2R-11511-02
Numbers: #52441

SKU: OS2R-11511-03
Numbers: #52456

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Weight 8 lbs

#52438, #52441, #52456