Parts: PRR/PC G43 Class Corrugated Side Gondola

Click the links below to order parts for our PRR/PC Shops G43 Class Corrugated Side Gondola. If something is missing that you want, please contact us!

LOOKING FOR COIL RACK PARTS? They are here! We sell the coil rack parts in two tiles below that say WITH COIL RACK in capital letters, like that. They are on two different pages below because the parts are sorted alphabetically. You can choose either of the floor parts – we offer two different floor options (in terms of the floor layout – a steel floor or a steel/wood hybrid floor). The coil rack parts have small “pins” in them to mate with our floors, however you do NOT need our floor part to put the coil rack in one of our cars or a competitor’s. You can cut the pins and just butt joint the floor parts inside any gondola.

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