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New Products: PS-2CD 4750 Covered Hoppers

The Pullman-Standard PS-2CD 4750 covered hopper was the largest production covered hopper design in history, and is therefore statistically important to virtually any modeler from the 1970s to the present. Tangent Scale Models is pleased to announce our next release of industry-leading HO Scale PS-2CD 4750 covered hoppers. Click here to view images or order!

This is NOT a pre-order announcement. We now are selling our stunning PS4750 models in these eight roadnames (plus undecorated), listed here:

– Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe (ATSF) “Original GA-191” in the “Original 1975” red scheme. Check out our stunning large “Santa Fe” lettering with fine gothic detail lettering. These beautiful replicas come complete with matching red trucks, just like the prototype cars. Our ATSF replicas are back in stock again with 6 new road number choices!

– CN IC “Website” Roman (IC) “Website” in the distinctive oxide red scheme present on modern-day CN hoppers. These “Service With Safety” cars feature a very accurate rendition of the CN noodle and website stenciling, with proper 1979 details to reflect these former ICG details accurately. CN is available in 6 road numbers – mix and match with ICG cars to create an accurate CN block!

– Illinois Central Gulf (ICG) in the original 1974 orange and black scheme. These “Service With Safety” eye-catching orange and black cars are back again with six all-new road numbers.

– CRDX “Lincoln Grain 1974” (CRDX) is the first of three different Lincoln Grain hoppers in this release. This is the CRDX gray car with spelled out “Lincoln Grain Inc.” and no logo, available with one road number.

– CRDX “Lincoln Garin – Mispelled 1974” (CRDX) is the second of three different Lincoln Grain hoppers in this release. This is the CRDX gray car with no logo, and the stencil people misspelled “GRAIN” and instead stenciled “GARIN.” Our model is just like the real car. This CRDX gray car is available with one road number.

– CRDX “Lincoln Grain w/ Logo 1974” (CRDX) is the third of three different Lincoln Grain hoppers in this release. This is the CRDX gray car with spelled out “Lincoln Grain Inc.” and with the Lincoln Grain yellow, black, and white logo, available with two road numbers.

– PTLX “Cargill Yellow 1975” (PTLX) is available now in the classic yellow carbody with black ends and underframe scheme, including the classic large spelled out “CARGILL” along the car side, and distinctive “teardrop” on each end of the car. These cars are the ones you have been waiting for from Tangent, available with 6 road numbers!

– PTLX “Coast Trading Company 1974” (PTLX) was this summer’s Portland OR NMRA Convention car, and is a prototype model for a private elevator company based in Portland. This is the yellow and black lease car, complete with “CTC” placard and accurate large dark brown lettering. There is a lot going on with this car! It is available now with three road numbers. We have a very small quantity of these cars leftover for sale now and they will only be available directly from Tangent Scale Models.

– Undec RTR Primer Gray 1974-75 Truck Brakes (PTLX etc.) completely assembled and ready for lettering or paint, including “Morton” running boards and crossover platforms.

Click here to view images or order!

The Tangent PS4750 is a state of the art, dimensionally-accurate scale replica with highly accurate “true-to-life” colors and precise letter stencils. Our PS4750 offers a multitude of detail variations and phases to replicate the Pullman-Standard offerings. Example variations include: brake systems, outlet gates, roofs, roof hatches, roof overhangs, running boards, crossover platforms, end ladders, jacking pads, brakewheel housings, and brakewheels. This replica includes our fine “near-scale” draft gear box with beautifully-rendered side “key” detail. Our ready-to-operate replica is finished with coupler lift bars accompanying Kadee® scale couplers and sufficient hidden weights to ensure the model operates as good as it looks. At more than 100 parts per car, not to mention phase accurate details, genuine Kadee couplers, and all-metal wheels, we provide you with a high-value model that will provide you with years of enjoyment and curb-appeal.

These products will begin shipping today. Features for these replicas include:
– Dimensional accuracy – designed from Pullman-Standard plans and verified with field measurements
– Highly correct “true to life” colors
– “Hyper-Accurate” lettering including exact fonts and lettering placement
– Genuine Kadee® scale couplers
– “Near-scale” draft gear box with beautifully-rendered side “key” detail
– Multiple road numbers for each scheme
– “See through” etched metal running boards and crossover platforms (in one of 6 possible variations)
– Road-specific details for each scheme, including 5 different brake systems, 3 different outlet gates, 2 different sets of roof hatches, 4 jacking pad sets, with or without shaker brackets, 2 roof overhangs, 3 different running board and crossover platform options, end ladders options, 5 brakewheel housing and clevis options, and 2 brakewheel options.
– Lacy details – wire grab irons and coupler lift bars
– Separate air hoses
– CNC-machined 36” wheels in high quality Tangent Scale Models 100-ton trucks
– Recommended age 14 years and older

Don’t miss out on the Tangent Scale Models PS4750, the most relevant freight car of the 1970s!

That wraps up our update for today, and thank you for supporting the family-owned businesses in our industry!

David Lehlbach