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Pullman-Standard 3400CuFt Quad Coal Hopper

Public Service Announcement: Please note that we have sold out the BLE COR-TEN paint scheme on our new Pullman-Standard 3400cf coal hoppers.  Our Bicentennial and undecorated models remain in stock.  This sellout was significantly faster than we anticipated, and we will remedy that with a release of new cars at a future date. We hear you and understand your frustration. Thank you for your business with Tangent!

Please click on the images at right for pricing, SKUs, high resolution photos, prototype photos, car number options, and/or to order these HO scale replicas!

In 1975, the Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad (“B&LE”) made a significant capital investment in a new fleet of 100-ton “quad” open hoppers, the first cars of their type, to replace older home road and foreign cars.  B&LE ordered 550 cars of 3400 cubic foot capacity from Pullman-Standard’s Bessemer AL plant – which was significant not only for the size of the car order, but because Pullman’s Butler PA plant was a large online customer.  B&LE had multiple coal hauling lanes, and these new cars provided stronger incentive to haul coal headed to the railroad’s Lake Erie rail-water transload docks at Conneaut, OH, plus capture more “backhaul” of iron ore business offloaded from “lake boats,” headed to the region’s steel producers via the B&LE.  Some of the fleet received minor carbody rebuilding in the 2000s, however most of the cars still serve on B&LE/CN today.

The Tangent Scale Models Pullman-Standard 3400cf Quad Coal Hopper is a dimensionally-accurate replica of the real car, and includes accurate Wine door lock mechanisms, an Ajax brake housing with Modern brake wheel and body-mounted brake equipment and center tube linkage detail.  This model includes our “near-scale” draft gear box including side “key” detail as well as full body interior rivet detail and bracing.  Our ready-to-operate replica is finished with separate, real wire grab irons, coupler lift bars, rubber air hoses, genuine Kadee® scale couplers, accurate CNC-machined wheels, 100-ton Barber S-2 trucks with prototype-specific rotating bearing caps and sufficient hidden weights to ensure the model operates as good as it looks.  Finally, our model includes a realistic, removeable “flood” style coal load.

It is important to note: These Pullman-Standard 3400 cubic foot quad coal hoppers are quite different from “Western Design” 3600 cubic foot, BSC “Eastern Design” 3350 cubic foot hoppers and IC “Centralia Quad” 3834 cubic foot coal hoppers, all offered by Tangent.  That’s right, we have now tooled our 4th different quad coal car: the correct Pullman-Standard 3400cf Quad Hopper!

Our January 27, 2024 debut of the Pullman-Standard 3400cf Quad Coal Hopper includes two railroad schemes plus one RTR unlettered option.

– Bessemer & Lake Erie (B&LE) “COR-TEN Delivery Black 1975” replicates the large 550 car delivery Pullman-Standard delivered to B&LE in 1975.  The Tangent model features an accurate 1975-built Pullman body.  For the car’s construction, Pullman-Standard used the distinctive Pullman “trapezoid” indentations on the flat side panels, as well as riveted construction.  This Tangent model executes all of those details, inside and out.  The Quad hopper bays have separate door and door frame detail.  The hopper doors themselves are fitted with intricate Wine door locking mechanisms, accurate for these Pullman cars.  The B-End of the car has an accurate Ajax high handbrake, Morton brake step and modern brake wheel.  Inside, the models have a gorgeous (and removable!) flood-style coal load.  These coal cars roll on Tangent 100-ton Barber S-2 trucks with separate truck brake beams and rotating “Brenco-6” caps.  On the car sides, Pullman painted the cars with black “strips” of paint in the two locations where identification stenciling was needed, including the B&LE initial and road number and CAPY block at left, and then the distinctive B&LE logo and COTS panels at right.  Also, the center sill, end slope sheets and brake components were painted black.  In between and everywhere else?  COR-TEN naturally-rusted, unpainted steel.  Check it out – it looks hot!  We have worked hard to replicate the look of the cars in their recently-delivered, “weathered steel” appearance, which got “darker” as the cars aged.  These Pullman-Standard models are available in 24 numbers with the December of 1975 build dates.  SKU 32060

– Bessemer & Lake Erie (B&LE) “Bicentennial Delivery 11-1975” replicates the one-of-a-kind B&LE Bicentennial prototype that recognized our nation’s two hundredth birthday.  This incredible, meticulously-detailed model features three horizontal stripes of colors across it: red, white, and blue of course.  The stenciling on the side includes an italicized 1776, and the circles with 13 stars inside.  The red, white and blue stripes continue through the ends of the car, through the slope sheets, wire grab irons, and brake gear, just like the prototype.  Matching the other B&LE COR-TEN hoppers in this release, the Bicentennial model includes the flood-style coal load.  All of the other accurate Pullman details are present here as well.  The B&LE COR-TEN and Bicentennial cars have been requested by modelers for years and we are excited to deliver them to our customers!  Do not miss out.  Available in one road number: 65000.  SKU 32061

 We also offer one painted and unlettered RTR option, continuing our dedication to the customers that want to finish their own cars.  We have painted these models black for you, so they are ready for decaling.  We are modelers too, and we continue to offer undecorated products for our like-minded customers.

– Unlettered RTR PS 3400cf Quad Coal Hopper is a completely assembled RTR model, painted black and unlettered.  It features the PS 3400cf quad coal hopper.  This model includes Tangent 100-ton Barber S-2 trucks with rotating “Brenco-6” caps and CNC-machined 36” wheels along with Genuine Kadee® scale couplers.  SKU 32055-01

All of these models (with prototype Pullman-Standard coal hopper photos) can be seen at www.tangentscalemodels.com !

The Tangent Scale Models Pullman-Standard 3400cf Quad Coal Hopper is a state of the art, dimensionally-accurate scale replica with highly accurate “true-to-life” colors and precise letter stencils.  Our Pullman-Standard 3400cf Quad Coal Hopper offers an unparalleled level of accuracy, including the replication of the COR-TEN steel color!  This replica includes our fine “near-scale” draft gear box with beautifully-rendered side “key” detail.  Our ready-to-operate replica is finished scale metal grab irons, coupler lift bars, accompanying Kadee® scale couplers and NMRA-compliant yet hidden weights to ensure the model operates as good as it looks.  At more than 120 parts per car, genuine Kadee couplers, and all-metal wheels, we provide you with a high-value model that will provide you with years of enjoyment and curb-appeal.

These products are shipping today!  A quick synopsis of our Pullman-Standard 3400cf Quad Coal Hopper era and railroad-specific details and variations include:

  • Dimensional accuracy – designed from Pullman-Standard 3400cf Quad Coal Hopper plans and verified with field measurements
  • Highly correct “true to life” colors
  • Industry-leading “Hyper-Accurate” lettering including exact fonts and lettering placement
  • Genuine Kadee® scale couplers
  • “Near-scale” draft gear box with beautifully-rendered side “key” detail
  • Multiple road numbers for each scheme
  • Beautiful, B&LE representative “flood-style” coal load
  • “See through” brake step platform
  • B&LE-specific details, including correct Ajax brake wheel housing
  • Beautiful details including separately-applied scale wire grab irons and coupler lift barsno “molded on” plastic grab irons or “thick” plastic grab iron parts anywhere on this replica!
  • Separate flexible rubber air hoses
  • CNC-machined 36” wheels with accurate front and back detail
  • Our precision Tangent Scale Models 100-ton Barber S-2 trucks with prototype-specific “Brenco-6” rotating bearing caps and separate brake beam part
  • Weighted to NMRA specifications – yes, even with the coal load removed
  • Recommended age 14 years and older

Don’t miss out on the Tangent Scale Models Pullman-Standard 3400CuFt Quad Coal Hopper.

Please click on the images at right for pricing, SKUs, high resolution photos, prototype photos, car number options, and/or to order!