VGOX “Virginian Gas Charleston W.VA.” 1933+ GA 1917-design 8000 Gal. Insulated Tank Car


  • Product: GATC 1917-design 8000 Gallon Insulated Tank Car
  • Scale: HO Scale 1:87.1
  • Truck: Tangent 50-Ton Cast Steel Spring Plank Truck
  • Wheels: CNC-Machined 33″ Flat Back Wheels

VGOX “Virginian Gas Charleston W.VA.” 1933+ has a black-painted carbody with “Virginia Gasoline & Oil Company, Charleston W.VA.” stenciled in white on the side of the car. These cars come with era-correct K brakes, and our Virginia Gas 1933+ stunners are available in three road numbers.

One prototype reference photo is in the grid of model/prototype photos below.

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