Undecorated KIT 1963+ (NYC-PC-Early CR) (Instructions Online)


Undecorated KIT 1963+ (NYC-PC-Early CR) is a fully unassembled kit version of the modernized 1963+ era Lot 782 DSI caboose.  This kit features a full running board on the roof as well as the roof vents, battery box and other upgrade features from the NYC Beech Grove Shops upgrade program.  The kit also includes extra part variations for St. Louis Car railings, end walkways and underframe details.  This caboose kit covers the 1963+ NYC era, PC era before running board removal as well as some early CR paint jobs.  Heads up NYC kitbashers:  This is a starting path to a custom built 1963 DSI Lot 919 caboose!  This kit is UNLIT — no electronics are included.  It is perfect for those who want to build their own cars or want to customize their own lighting circuit options.  Ready for painting and lettering for a prototype or your own private road.  This kit includes Tangent Gould 70T plain bearing caboose trucks with power-pickup and 33″ standard 110 tread CNC wheels.  You supply your own favorite couplers. SKU 60101-01.


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Dimensions 9.2 × 5.2 × 3 in


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