SOLD OUT: Union Pacific

Union Pacific with classic large lettering from 1971 – available in 12 road numbers.   All of these car numbers remain in service today in original paint all over North America.   The replicas feature highly accurate UP lettering and fonts, including the distinctive red caution lettering found on the sides and ends.   In addition, note the lettering on the bays and underframe!   The model comes painted in a faded gray reminiscent of the car’s faded appearance in the later 1970s and 1980s, providing a great platform to weather to your liking!   The model is rounded out with the distinctive ACI labels as found on the prototype.

Released in 2007:

71016 10011-01
71073 10011-02
71104 10011-03
71283 10011-04
71357 10011-05
71379 10011-06
71419 10011-07
71489 10011-08
71508 10011-09
71510 10011-10
71542 10011-11
71577 10011-12



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