NYC DSI / SLCC Riveted Bay Window Cabooses – Caboose End Frames NYC-PC-CR-ITC (95026-13)


This set of sprues contains multiple Caboose End Frames for NYC-PC-CR-ITC cabooses. We tooled a lot of variations in this set of sprues, so read carefully:
-If you are building a DSI/SLCC NYC, B&A, PC or CR era caboose, then you will need to purchase 2 sets of this sprue. (Why? Because there are a lot of variations packed in there, and you will need 2 of whatever end style you pick!)
-If you are building a SLCC ITC/NW caboose, then this one set of sprues contains enough ends parts for a complete ITC/NW caboose.

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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in