Northern Pacific (NP) “Delivery 1969” w/ Pyle Lanterns NP International Wide-vision Caboose


  • Product: NP/SP&S International Wide vision Caboose
  • Scale: HO Scale 1:87.1
  • Truck: Tangent 70-Ton Barber or Gould Caboose Roller Bearing with separate brake beam part as appropriate for each paint scheme
  • Wheels: CNC-Machined 33″ Wheels
  • DC/DCC Lighting Features: interior lighting as well as prototypically-dim lit Pyle Lanterns

Northern Pacific (NP) “Delivery 1969” w/Pyle Lanterns replicates the as-built pre-merger paint scheme.  The NP took delivery of their 25 wide-vision cabooses from International Car Corp. in May and June of 1969.  Painted Cascade Green with yellow ends, it’s fitting to just say “WOW” when describing this final NP scheme.  The paint details make this caboose stand out.  Notice the carefully masked “unpainted” galvanized roof, black and yellow end railing details and red/white striped ends.  The prototype NP cabooses were delivered with Morton running boards and end walkways, a detail we have carefully duplicated on these models, even down to the distinctive Morton “Uni-wing” flange on the running board edges.  Underneath, these models are fitted with a Waugh cushion underframe, Dana Corporation Spicer axle-drive generator, propane tank storage box and toilet dump pipe.  It’s all there, from the electrical plugs/conduit and Vapor heater breather blocks down to the water fills and fine air release rod.  The body of the caboose has an accurate NP side and end window layout with Tangent-fine side screens to match the prototype.  Inside?  Yes, this replica has a full interior, and the lockers are accurately painted in a 2-tone green with swooping, curved color separations, just like the classy NP prototypes!  The NP specified a 2-level bunk on the A-End, and the Tangent models include that detail plus the sink/cabinet and refrigerator.  For lighting, the NP model is equipped with prototypically-dim Pyle lanterns and “golden” interior lights, mimicking the incandescent bulbs of the real cabooses.  Yes, you are going to have to turn off the train room lights to see them!  Extra parts are included to model the original end screen doors (quickly removed by NP), BN era metal flag paddles, and cupola wind deflectors.

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