New 2019 N Scale: UP Scheme 24 “HLMX Ex-UP H-100-17”


  • Product: Bethlehem 3600 cuft Quad Hopper
  • Scale: N Scale 1:160
  • Truck: 100-Ton Roller Bearing
  • Wheels: 36″ CNC free-rolling precision metal wheels with front and back profile
  • Minimum Suggested Radius: 18.75″


HLMX “Ex-UP H-100-17” shows a car after acquisition by Helm Financial Corporation. HLMX reporting marks started to show up on a portion of the H-100-17 fleet starting in 2007. The model features a weathered black paint job with fresh black patches and yellow conspicuity stripes. Available in 2 accurate numbers!

These distinctive 100 ton quad hoppers match the Union Pacific specification and were built by Bethlehem Steel in the 1970s.  Our UP replicas represent more than 6,900 “quad” hoppers, UP’s largest fleet of coal hoppers in company history.

One prototype reference photo is in the grid of model/prototype photos below.


SKU: 80028-01
Number: #38102

SKU: 80028-02
Number: #38105