N Scale: UP Scheme 22 “H-100-18 Black Repaint Conspicuity 2005+” Version 2


  • Product: Bethlehem 3600 cuft Quad Hopper
  • Scale: N Scale 1:160
  • Truck: 100-Ton Roller Bearing
  • Wheels: 36″ CNC free-rolling precision metal wheels with front and back profile
  • Minimum Suggested Radius: 18.75″


Union Pacific “H-100-18 Black Repaint Conspicuity 2005+” Version 2 is another 2005+ era car in the 1980s black repaint scheme, this time featuring horizontal conspicuity stripes. Available in 1 number.  Combine these with other UP cars, and take advantage of our “mix and match” discount pricing!

A prototype reference photo can be found by clicking here.


SKU: 80025-01
Number: #44563