SOLD OUT: GACX “GATX 1993 Blue Repaint” GATC 4180 Airslide


  • Product: General American 4180 Airslide Covered Hopper
  • Scale: HO Scale 1:87.1
  • Truck: Tangent 100-Ton N-11 Roller Bearing
  • Wheels: CNC-Machined 36″ Wheels

GACX “GATX 1993 Blue Repaint” is the second of our four private operator schemes offered in this production, and it is the most common private lessor scheme found on these cars starting in the 1990s. This car includes the GATX lease scheme of the flashy light blue carbody with dark blue band and carbody lettering. Yellow and mustard-toned lettering offsets the blue color, making this scheme a stunner for 1990s to present modelers. The prototype was originally built by GATC in 1973 and our model includes appropriate production details including low mounted brake appliances, wide side posts, and wide running boards. This car is available with 2 road numbers.


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