SOLD OUT: Conrail (CR) “N7 Blue Repaint 1979+”


  • Product: Despatch Shops Inc. NYC Lot 782 – N7 Class Steel Bay Window Caboose
  • Scale: HO Scale 1:87.1
  • Truck: Tangent Barber 70-Ton Gould roller-bearing trucks with separate brake beam parts
  • Wheels: CNC-machined standard RP25 .110” tread 33” wheels
  • DC/DCC Lighting Features: Interior Lights and a Single Orange FRA-Flasher  Light

Conrail (CR) “N7 Blue Repaint 1979+” is the second of our two DSI Conrail-era offerings in this run. These Conrail cabooses represent the Conrail repaints that were performed in 1979 (in other words they wore PC paint until then). These cars received the same “most common” Conrail blue paint job as found in our 1976 caboose offering, however these cabooses include a U-1 wheel “dot” stencil on the right side of the caboose.  Another big change is on the end of the caboose though, where there are red ‘Scotchlight’ rectangles on the end of the caboose for visibility.  Conrail removed the PC-era end marker lights when these cabooses were rehabbed, and instead substituted a single orange FRA-flasher  light, mounted on end of the car (which works on our model). Yes, the 1976+ and 1979+ Conrail cabooses operated concurrently (and with PC cabooses, we might add). Finally, Conrail replaced the plain bearing trucks with 70-ton roller bearing trucks. We are offering this scheme in two road numbers, each with accurate and distinctive lettering detail and smokejack offerings to represent the two prototypical numbers offered.

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