Boston & Maine (B&M) “1980 Paintout” GATC 4180 Airslide


  • Product: GATC 4180 Airslide Covered Hopper
  • Scale: HO Scale 1:87.1
  • Truck: Tangent 100-Ton N-11 Roller Bearing
  • Wheels: CNC-Machined 36″ Wheels

Boston & Maine “1980 Paintout” replicates GACX leased cars that were acquired by the Boston & Maine in 1980. While most of the data is intact, the B&M patched over the GACX reporting marks and numbers and replaced them with their own. Another example of 1977-built cars, these have the appropriate phase details including low mounted brake appliances, wide side posts, and wide Morton running boards. This scheme is available in 3 accurate numbers, and *each one* features unique gray patch stencils per prototype photos for 3 precise replicas!

3 prototype reference photos are in the grid of model/prototype photos below.


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