SOLD OUT: UP Scheme 7 “1989 H-100-19 Red Repaint”

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Scheme 7 – Union Pacific “1989 H-100-19 Red Repaint” in the first common red repaint scheme – the same as scheme 8 below except for the class and date..   This scheme includes the distinctive Union Pacific shield, which Tangent Scale Models expertly replicates in a manner consistent with our typical attention to detail.   These cars are available in 2 road numbers.   Please note that the car below is similar although it includes different repaint dates for prototypical variety and to mimic the UP repaint practices for these red repaints.   Please also note these red repaints include painted trucks to match the carbody color, just like UP repaint practices!   Combine these with other UP cars, and take advantage of our “mix and match” discount pricing!



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