100-Ton Low Profile Barber S-2-C Trucks with Spinning Hyatt Bearings and Nickel Plated Semi-Scale Tread All-Metal Precision Wheelsets (428)


These 100-Ton Low Profile Barber S-2-C Trucks have spinning Hyatt Sided Bearing Caps with Semi-Scale Tread Nickel Plated All-Metal Precision Wheelsets. An all-new truck offering for Tangent Scale Models, this truck comes with a separate brake beam part for body mounted brakes so that the brake shoes will be close to the wheels, just like the prototype.  These BLACK trucks are equipped with 36″ “shiny” nickel plated all-metal semi-scale tread (.088″) wheels. (The same trucks with blackened normal tread .110″ wheels (SKU 426) and blackened semi-scale .088″ wheels (SKU 427) are also available.)

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Weight .13 lbs
Dimensions 4 × .5 × 3 in