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NMRA National Convention 2016: Tangent Convention Car

The NMRA National Convention 2016 “Convention Car” will be a Tangent Scale Models PS4000 covered hopper decorated for Monon. This group of prototype cars was delivered to Monon in October 1963 for soybean and corn service. The Tangent model accurately depicts these distinctive prototypes that were so commonly found across midwestern rails in the 1960s-1980s, serving customers on Monon and predecessors L&N and CSXT. The Tangent model is available in your choice of 2 road numbers, 44003 and 44038. It includes a placard and decal set to glue to the car should you want to add NMRA 2016 Indianapolis Convention graphics to the side of the car.

Here is an image of one of our finely-crafted models (click to enlarge):

mondetail1start crop

These models are available through the NMRA by clicking here. We are told that they will be available to members at the NMRA National Convention as well.

Many thanks to the NMRA 2016 Host Convention Committee for selecting Tangent. We are proud to serve this hobby we love so much.

David Lehlbach