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New Release: PRR Sam Rea Shops X58 Box Car Kits

OK, this one is for you kit builders and kitbashers. Our unparalleled PRR X58 Sam Rea Shops Box Cars are available in kit form for you to build from the ground up. Our kits are available in 6 build versions, based on a combination of underframe type, roof type, and ladder configurations. Prices are $35.95 for kits without roofwalk / running board, and $37.95 for kits with roofwalk / running board. As always, our mix and match discount applies when you order in bulk, and it can be combined with other products when ordered directly from us. Instructions can be downloaded from our site under “Downloads” (clever – aren’t we?). These kits are available today and in limited supply, so don’t delay!

David Lehlbach

14000 series kit