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Common PRR/PC/CR/NS X58 Questions

We wanted to thank the Amherst Railway Society for letting us attend the show this past weekend in Springfield MA! We had a great time there; this was our first visit since 2009. Since we know lots of people could NOT attend that show, I thought we might share the most frequently asked questions about our new X58 box cars. These questions came to us from customers on the floor of the Amherst Society Train Show, and since then over private emails to Tangent Scale Models. Here they are, with answers:

1. Why are the new X58 models not shipping until February 25?
We air shipped a small volume of cars to ourselves to make them available to customers at Springfield MA on January 24-25 during our new product unveiling. The remainder of the cars are currently sitting on a ship parked outside of the Port of LA. The reason? There is a traffic jam of ships that are queuing, waiting for berth time. There has been a recent spat of congestion there, and now there is a bit of a labor dispute. These factors have slowed things down, unfortunately. We will update this blog when we know more so you can stay attuned to the situation, but at this time, it looks like the models will be traveling at a speed far lower than a walking pace before we can begin to distribute them to you (0.17MPH, by our calculations).

2. Your Conrail model has a high brakewheel but your PC cars have low brake appliances. Is that correct?
Yes, that is correct. The Conrail repaints from the 1987 era, which our cars represent, bear this out. Based on photos, it seems CR Holidaysburg took PRR original paint cars in 1987 and removed the running boards from the roof, but did not move the brake appliances. This means that the B end ladders are high, however, the A end ladders have been lowered.

3. How long did the Conrail cars serve with high brake appliances?
Based upon photos, they lasted beyond the Conrail era. In fact, the NS-painted cars from 1999 and beyond INCLUDE high brake appliances. In other words, high brake appliances were typical well beyond 1967. And well into the era that we consider “modern.” You can use them behind your dash-9s!

4. If I model PC, do I need PRR painted cars?
Absolutely. According to the July 1976 ORER, there were approximately 1200 PC numbered cars in service, representing less than 50% of the entire PRR fleet (of 2,565 cars).

5. If I model PC, can I use PRR cars with running boards (roofwalks) after 1967?
Absolutely. While some were shopped and had their running boards removed, there are photos of cars taken into the 1980s with running boards. Witness this untouched PRR example from 1981, showing in revenue service (i.e. not in an Enola deadline).


6. Will you offer the X58 in other paint schemes?
It depends on how well this first run sells. These are all very common schemes and modelers from all relevant eras 1964-2006 could use one! Remember, PRR produced 2,565 of these for their fleet. That is a very statistically-relevant, large fleet of nationwide roaming cars.