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Another new car in 2014: General American HO Scale Welded Acid Tank Car!

On November 7, Tangent Scale Models proudly released our tenth ALL-NEW freight car replica, the General American 8,000 Gallon Acid Tank Car with Welded Underframe. Following World War II, specialized liquid shippers requested new special duty tank cars, and General American Transportation Corporation met their demands by producing specific-service cars such as this 8,000 gallon acid service tank car. At the same time, General American switched from a riveted underframe and riveted tank design to a welded underframe and tank. While General American’s factory in Sharon PA manufactured at least three different post-war versions of 8,000 gallon acid all-welded tank cars, these specific prototypes were produced between 1949 and 1960. Like all Tangent Scale Models offerings, these tank cars had long service lives, lasting well into the 1980s in revenue service. Acid service tank cars were commonly-seen nationwide, providing transportation for strong chemical compounds, such as hydrochloric (muriatic), hydrofluoric, phosphoric, and sulfuric acids. Acid tank cars were rubber-lined, featured one percent expansion domes on the top, and did not have bottom tank outlets.

The Tangent Scale Models General American 8,000 gallon acid tank car is a visually-distinctive model that includes details accurate for each paint scheme. Note the distinctive small expansion dome at the top, surrounded by a beautifully-rendered “see-through” safety walkway. Our walkways along the side of the car are also “see-through” safety tread, just like their prototypes. As always, our correct “true-to-life” colors and “hyper-accurate” lettering includes exact fonts and lettering placement. Finally, our scale replicas operate as well as they look, equipped with free-rolling all-metal wheels and Kadee® scale couplers, meaning our models are truly ready to run.

This is NOT a pre-order announcement. Our NEW Ready to Run replicas are available NOW at www.tangentscalemodels.com and we began selling these at Trainfest in Milwaukee on November 8-9. Whether wearing “plain” GATX lease colors or the colors of a lessee, these replicas will certainly be eye-catchers on your layout! Our first stunning release includes four paint schemes:

– GATX “Black Lease 1952+” in the plain “black lease 1952+” scheme. This GATX black lease scheme represents a general lease car in service beginning in 1952 and is broadly applicable across North America. It is available in four road numbers.
– GATX “Stauffer Chemical Company” in the distinctive gray and black scheme with a 1953 paint date and 1949 build date, complete with the Stauffer diamond logo and Victor Chemical Division lettering, just like the prototype car. These stunning cars are available in four road numbers.
– GATX “The D O W Chemical Company” in the black scheme with striking yellow graphics including “Freeport Texas” lettering. These nationwide service cars include a 1953 paint date on the side of the car. This GATX lease scheme is available in four road numbers.
– GATX “White Lease 1971+” in the striking “white lease 1971+” scheme which includes a large black stripe in the middle of the car. These cars were repainted in 1971, which of course is modeled after an exact prototype photo. These cars lasted in service into the 1990s, and are available in four road numbers.
– Undecorated RTR Black 1949-1951 cars are immediately ready for decaling!
– Undecorated RTR Black 1951-1960 cars are immediately ready for decaling!
– Undecorated Unpainted Kits are available as well for those who desire to build their own.

Features for these awesome replicas include:
– Welded body and welded underframe
– “See-through” running board wraps around the underframe
– “See-through” dome platform with lacey handrail detail
– Distinctive dome appliances and profile
– Dimensionally-correct hazardous placards with accurate hole detail
– Separately applied tank handrail
– Separately applied tank strap detail
– Full “lacy” AB brake detail and train air line
– Highly correct “true to life” colors
– “Hyper-Accurate” lettering including exact fonts and lettering placement
– Accurate lettering applied to the underframe and air reservoir
– Road-specific poling pockets in the bolsters for each scheme
– Durable wire grab irons and coupler lift bars
– Separate air hoses
– “Near-scale” draft gear box with side detail
– Kadee® “scale-head” couplers
– CNC-machined 33” wheels in NEW high-quality Tangent Scale Models ASF cast steel truck with spring plank and with separate brake beams
– Replacement semi-scale wheels available separately from Tangent
– Multiple road numbers for each scheme
– Recommended age 14 years and older

Don’t miss out on the Tangent Scale Models General American 8,000 gallon acid tank car! Just like its prototype, this car is tiny in size and will stand out extremely well on any layout situated from the 1940s to the 1990s!

David Lehlbach