1 Left Direct Only: SP&S “Water Service 1964+” GATC 1917-design 8000 Gallon Tank Car


  • Product: GATC 1917-design 8000 Gallon Non-Insulated Tank Car
  • Scale: HO Scale 1:87.1
  • Truck: Tangent 50-Ton Cast Steel Spring Plank Truck
  • Wheels: CNC-Machined 33″ Detailed-Back Wheels

SP&S “Water Service 1964+” is available now as our “MOW” offering for Spokane, Portland, and Seattle (SP&S) and Burlington Northern (BN) modelers alike. The arid grasslands around the SP&S mainline in Washington state called for a fleet of tank cars to provide water for extinguishing fires that might occur along the right of way. Each was painted slightly differently, and each tank in the fleet was sourced individually, however this car is a ringer for the Tangent Scale Models 1917-design cars, so here it is, available now in one road number. These cars lasted into the BN years.

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