SOLD OUT: Penn Central “1972 Repaint” GATC Dry-Flo 3500 Covered Hopper


  • Product: GATC 3500 Dry-Flo Covered Hopper
  • Scale: HO Scale 1:87.1
  • Truck: ASF 70-ton ride control plain bearing trucks
  • Wheels: CNC-Machined 33″ Wheels

Penn Central “1972 Repaint” is a classic PC “P59” shop repaint from 1972 in PC green with white worms and spelled out “Penn Central.” The car is stenciled “grain load only” in the center of the car, just like the real cars. Our PC replicas are offered in two road numbers; don’t miss out!

One prototype reference photo is in the grid of model/prototype photos below.


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