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NMRA Convention Car: Tangent PTLX Coast Trading Co. Portland PS4750!

Sponsored by the Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club, Tangent Scale Models created the NMRA convention car for the Portland 2015 convention. Our industry-leading PS4750 model was painted in the bright “Coast Trading Company, Portland OR” yellow scheme. These cars strictly follow the prototype Coast Trading cars, which were first released in August 1974 and lasted well into the 2000s! These exquisite models are accurately lettered with brown stenciling on the side of the yellow and black carbody, with a 3 color placard added to the side of the car. Our PS4750s are equipped with etched metal running boards, CNC-machined wheels, and scale head Kadee couplers, just like all Tangent Scale Models offerings. Our state of the art, designed in USA product is available from the NMRA convention committee in 3 accurate road numbers. Also included are two decals that have the “Portland Daylight Express” NMRA convention logo on them. One of each of these decals can be applied to each side of the car to continue your collection of annual convention cars, if you want the Portland logo on your model.

These stunning models were sold directly by the 2015 NMRA convention committee. We re-acquired a few of them from the convention committee, and they will be available directly from Tangent Scale Models on September 29 by clicking here.

Here is what they look like…

ptlx14935 1200 logo

Thank you to the 2015 NMRA convention committee for selecting Tangent Scale Models for the HO scale 2015 NMRA Convention Car!

David Lehlbach