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We are soliciting photo contributions of our models custom-painted or weathered to your liking! We share them by category below. Click a link below to see all the great customizations of Tangent Scale Models!

ACF Welded 70-ton Gondolas
Bethlehem 70-ton Riveted Gondolas
Bethlehem Quad Hoppers
General American 4180 Airslide Covered Hoppers
General American 6,000 Gallon, 3-Compartment Tank Cars
General American 8,000 Gallon 1917-Design Radial Course Tank Cars
General American 8,000 Gallon Acid Welded Tank Cars
General American Dry-Flo Covered Hoppers
GSC 60′ Flatcars
GSC 60′ Flatcars w/ Bulkheads
PRR Shops X58 Box Cars
PRR/PC Shops G43 Series Gondolas
Pullman Standard PS-1 Mini-Hy Cube Box Cars
Pullman Standard PS-2CD 4000 Covered Hoppers
Pullman Standard PS-2CD 4740 Covered Hoppers
Pullman Standard PS-2CD 4750 Covered Hoppers
Pullman Standard PS-3 2750 Coal Hoppers

Want to see your models here? Fill out the form below and upload your photos, and we’ll proudly display your customizations! Your information is secure, we never spam and we never share or sell your information.