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36 inch Semi-Scale All-Metal Precision Wheelsets – 12 pack (SKU 122)


Tangent Scale Models is proud to offer our 36″ “semi-scale” CNC-machined brass wheelsets for those who want to replace their current “standard tread” wheels with wheels that are more narrow in appearance. These wheels operate well over normal track, so don't be afraid to upgrade the appearance of your equipment – especially those cars where the wheels are very visible, such as on modern covered hoppers and tank cars! Tangent wheels are leaders in quality in HO scale. We offer them in 100 count bags and 12 count blister packages. Offered in a 1.004″ axle length, our 36″ wheels can be used in trucks from virtually any brand, including those from Tangent Scale Models! 36-inch prototype wheels are used on virtually all cars greater than 80 tons, making them the most common wheel for post-1960 modeling (with increasing frequency as time went on). Try our wheels to improve the operation of your equipment!

PLEASE NOTE: Our website defaults to Priority Mail shipping. We ship wheels via First Class Mail when possible to reduce your costs, and we will refund the difference in cost – so go ahead and place your order and we will take care of you! We do not profit from shipping!

122 Package

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