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Since 2007, Tangent Scale Models continues to offer high-quality, well-researched, and smartly-executed HO scale replicas of North American freight equipment spanning from 1937 to present. Our HO replicas include the following:

  • Highly correct “true to life” colors
  • “Hyper-Accurate” lettering including exact fonts and lettering placement
  • The most detailed rolling stock available on today’s market
  • Scale-sized side tie-downs
  • Stand-off ladders
  • Wire grab irons and coupler lift bars to withstand handling and provide a uniform color appearance
  • See-through running boards, crossover platforms, and brake platforms
  • Interior detailing where applicable
  • Road-specific details and variations applied to match prototypes
  • Separate air hoses
  • Scale Kadee couplers so you don’t have to “swap-out” plastic couplers
  • Free-rolling trucks with metal wheels and proper weighting so the models operate as good as they look
  • We provide you with unparalleled scale replicas for discriminating railroad modelers